Welcome to twist.ly!

twist.ly is a free URL shortening service that you can use on the web, from your browser toolbar, or directly from your blog.

It's useful when sharing links on twitter, Facebook, email, or anywhere really. You can either let twist.ly generate a really short random link, or choose to customize it, like twist.ly/koons brings up the page http://balloonhq.com/highlights/koons/index.html.

Why use twist.ly?

Yeah, there are lots of other URL shorteners out there. You should use twist.ly because the name is cool (and possibly relevant to what you do) and because it's simple with no hidden agenda. We do not and will never deviously serve up ads, force people to click on a ad, aggregate and sell data to anyone, or do anything bad. Except for periodic software updates and backups, we will just leave twist.ly alone to do what it does best: Shorten and redirect your URLs.